Friday, 13 November 2009


It has been a busy few days, taking part in castings and catwalk shows for a high street fashion retailer. Now that's finished I can f

inally settle down and get working on the proposals...yes that’s PROPOSALS. I have 3 ideas and as I can not decide on one, i'm going to submit all of them and let my angels work their magic.

One of the projects involves art and working with children, which i've done for 10 years. My

2nd proposal is about

showcasing and selling products and fashion created by like-minded designers as a co-operative.


designer of leather accessories myself this seems like a fun idea.

The 3rd idea came to me in a dream yesterday, so vivid it surprised me. It is so different to what I usually do. I dreamt I was in a sweet shop, but not any old sweet shop, this one was mine. Everyone who entered and left this sweet shop had big smiles on their faces. I could smell lemon, vanilla, strawberry, bubble gum flavours and my mouth was watering, I could taste it!

Also Friday 13th is such a lucky day for me (despite what others like to say about the number 13)... I know this is a good sign.

I 'day-dreamed' this poem today too. I wrote this is 15mins!! . . . the last time I wrote a poem I was 9 years old!!. I'm quite proud of it, so I'm going to include it in my proposal. What do you think?

Take a trip back in time to,

the rush after school,

to be the first in the queue

to spend pocket money on penny sweets,

sugared mice, mojo’s & refreshers too,

Allsorts & love hearts, that say I do!

Black jacks & liquorice you either love them or hate them,

Candy whistles, watches & cigarettes,

To fake ’em,

Pretending we’re grown & putting on lipstick,

A treat after school or for a best friend’s birthday,

Filling our bags with as much as we can,

Stuffing small mouths with jaw breakers & gobstoppers,

Fire balls & popping gum leaves a lasting sensation,

Turkish delights, bon bons, toffees & pear drops

Scary fangs, kola bottles & marshmallows too,

Or like me

an orange lollipop will do!!

Miss Candy Drop