Saturday, 7 November 2009

The story so far...

As this is Sweet Tooth's very first blog, I feel it is my duty to take you back to when it all started. I am transferring my notes written on paper to screen for you to read.

Visited the Piano House in South London and a leaflet with the following information caught my eye.

'What would you do with a space in a 1930s market arcade in Brixton? If you have a good idea, you could be part of the largest empty shops project in the UK.

The Space Makers Agency is looking for ideas for creative, community-oriented and enterprising projects to make use of empty spaces in Brixton. Projects could include new and existing businesses, as well as community groups, arts and theatre projects and other imaginative uses of space.There are currently 20 units in the market being made ready for occupation. rent free, for up to three months.

On Tuesday 10 November, the empty shops will be open for viewing from 4.30pm. Anyone interested in taking on a space is invited to come to a meeting at Brixton Village at 6.30pm'.