Thursday, 25 February 2010

21 Things I love

We're really getting into the Village community life, taking part in events, sharing ideas etc. Our neighbours, ‘The Big Window’, have asked Ms Candy Drop to model for their ‘21 Things I love’, fashion label. The photoshoot was today, it was freezing, but had ourselves a brilliant time. Fashion show tomorrow evening.

Got us thinking about 21 things we love (in no particular order):

1. Life

2. Sweet Tooth

3. The Village Community

4. Brixton Pound

5. Sunshine

6. The smell of bubblegum

7. The smell of freshly cut grass

8. Baywatch Bakes Banana Cupcakes

9. Seeing little faces pressed up against the Sweet Tooth Shop window. Always makes us smile!

10. Dreaming about sweets

11. Leftovers vintage finds

12. ATA Designs for creating our 'allsorts' wallpaper

13.Strawberry Bon Bons

14. Sweet Tooth's cute pink and white candy striped sweet bags

15. Joy & Laughter

16. Hearing Sweet Tooth's customers reminisce about their Sweet memories

17. Refreshers

18. Anglo Bubbly

19. Our funky badges made from Sweet wrappers

20. Working in a sweet shop, because we get to try all the sweets before they go on the shelves!

21. Sweet Tooth's friends and family and customers for all their support and suggestions